Chakra Chimes

Chakras are wheels or disks of energy that start at the base of the spine going upwards to the crown. Each chakra holds pure energy also known as prana for specific organs, emotions, psychological and spiritual states. When our chakras are open prana can flow through freely allowing us to be healthy and happy. The … Continue reading Chakra Chimes

Release, Cleanse, Nourish, Repeat!

Acrylic on Canvas Size: 23/30cm Price: £50.00 The full moon allows us to let go, forgive, cleanse ourselves, move on, make space and open up to new opportunities/experiences or anything we wish to manifest in our lives. Surround yourself with the warm energy of this full moon allow its bright light to cleanse you, releasing … Continue reading Release, Cleanse, Nourish, Repeat!

A Piece of Me

Plaster of Paris on 30cm/40cm Canvas with Acrylic paint. Price:£80.00 When I was young my main concern was the pain, brands of sanitary products, making sure I didn’t leak and had enough of my ‘go-to’ comforts.These all seem like small things amongst the long list of concerns developed becoming an adult. From the cervix, ovaries, … Continue reading A Piece of Me

The Power is in Our Hands!

I have suffered many prejudices from many people in all different situations. Lots of people suffer from prejudices made against them and it’s not a nice feeling. This piece was created to remind those that have suffered from this type of bullying or ignorance that there is no power behind these comments or actions. The … Continue reading The Power is in Our Hands!