The Power is in Our Hands!

The Power is in Our Hands
3x Acrylic on 20/20cm Canvas Price:£90.00

I have suffered many prejudices from many people in all different situations. Lots of people suffer from prejudices made against them and it’s not a nice feeling. This piece was created to remind those that have suffered from this type of bullying or ignorance that there is no power behind these comments or actions. The power is in our hands to change and to teach others with kindness and compassion.
Individuality is not a chain holding us back it’s our power, our strength and what makes us unique.
Drop the chains that hold us back!
Own our individuality!
Empower others to do the same!

A Piece of Me

A piece of me
Plaster of Paris on 30cm/40cm Canvas with Acrylic paint. Price:£80.00

When I was young my main concern was the pain, brands of sanitary products, making sure I didn’t leak and had enough of my ‘go-to’ comforts.
These all seem like small things amongst the long list of concerns developed becoming an adult. From the cervix, ovaries, lining, placement, conditions, conception, intimacy, hormones, anemia, menopause and so on, it is overwhelming and impacts daily life, not just the one painful week that used to be.
I am not alone in feeling this way, many women feel the same. We suffer in silence, mask with medication and remedies. If we say anything, we feel awkward, uncomfortable or bad. It’s hard to share as it is such a personal problem.
People are speaking up more in the media, with friends and with family. We have advanced technology but one major problem we have is the gap in the system. Sometimes we can be missed by human error, however, this doesn’t take away from the impact it has on us and the suffering we go through physically and mentally. Worries, fertility, blood flow, treatment options and the rest.
I believe awareness is the key. Self-awareness and awareness of others. If you feel something, talk about it, seek professional advice and don’t stop until you get answers! If you know someone who is suffering in silence, encourage them to talk, seek help from others and get answers. By sharing, supporting and spreading awareness we can make life easier and possibly save lives.
After years of incorrect diagnoses, treatments, guesswork, examinations, pain, stress and everything that this part of my body has put me through; I have finally come to terms with it and put it on canvas.
When I express my feelings about this part of my body, I have a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” outlook.