Meditation & Transformation

The first half of this year has been tough. Loosing my job, illnesses flaring and just a whirlwind of events that have made me feel out of control and insecure!

I tried to fight back for my control over situations and in doing so I was losing sight of gratitude.

I decided to take a step back and relax more, meditate, be grateful and invest in myself! This was honestly the best decision I made.

Since March I have been using Reiki on myself, I have been showing gratitude for the things around me, appreciating all moments and learning. It was hard at first not to feel agitated or not put pressure on myself to make things perfect even when meditating but, with a lot of persistence I got there. A favourite saying of mine is persistence overcomes resistance! The hardest part about following this saying is to know exactly what to persist in. I go with my intuition and the feeling in my body. Meditating on the situation allows my body and mind to connect. If it feels right to persist I will and if it doesn’t, I’ll let it be, even if I feel I was in the right or I am passionate about getting my point across. Sometimes, it’s not my lesson to learn or “it’s not my problem” and there is no point me investing my time and energy in it. I believe that this is where Karma will come in to play.
Connecting through Meditation and Reiki has helped me let go of past hurts in all areas of my life. Past romantic relationships, working relationships, family relationships, “wrongs” of my own and “wrongs” of others. I can honestly say that taking the time to do this for myself has been freeing and uplifting for my mind, body and soul! I have grown to love myself for who I am and what I am, I am able to take full responsibility for myself and my actions past and present. Most of all, I am able to let others take responsibility for themselves without interfering and needing to take responsibility for their actions. This has lost and gained me relationships. It has been painful yet freeing. However, I am able to get on with my life without being tied down by judgment, opinions, control and negativity. It has also given me a new respect for myself where I come first. This doesn’t mean that I am unkind to others. I am just assertive and honest from the beginning about my feelings and needs. It seems like I actually have more “control” over my life now than before when I was trying so hard to control things.
When I meditate I let it come naturally and I do what feels right at the time. With practice, I have learned to meditate anywhere by just quietening my mind. I can be in the bath, have music on in the background, I can be laying down, sitting upright on a chair, crossing my legs on the floor or even be on a bus surrounded by people. Meditating for just 5 minutes on a bus can give me the focus my mind and body need to be able to deal with what’s to come when I get off the bus. Imagine what 15 min or half an hour can do! It’s my safety blanket and I love it! The best part is that it works in all situations, whether I need help to sleep, help in making a decision or the need to replenish my mental capacity.

I used to meditate a lot using crystals and Reiki but over the past few years I stopped. I let the pressures of life take over and I put finances and superficial things first. I have learned my lesson now and will make sure that I make the time for self-healing before anything else as this is what is going to help me be successful in whatever I do!

I have literally had a full body deep clean and it feels amazing!

Beautiful Flower

Do you meditate? How has meditation helped you? Do you have a meditation ritual? Have you used Reiki before? How has Reiki helped you?

Love, Light and Sparkles xx

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