Nothing like a nice hot drink!

It’s warming up slightly in London but not so much that we don’t feel chilly inside.

I love my hot drinks when I’m happy, sad, need a pick me up… Generally, all year round.

Here are some of my favourite go to drinks that I make at home or order when I’m out.

StarbucksI love a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha with a shot or 2 of peppermint and no cream. This drink is full of calories but is so worth it. You can make this at home for a fraction of the calories and price. 

My version:

All you need- strong smooth coffee or espresso, white drinking chocolate, milk and peppermint syrup. You can use cream rather than milk for a thicker drink or use squirty cream for the top.

All you need to do- Make 1 or 2 shots of coffee depending on how strong you would like it. Then heat up a cup full of milk in a pan and add 2 table spoons of white chocolate. Keep stirring the pan until boiled. Turn the heat off. Put the espresso or coffee in a cup with a shot of peppermint or 2. Then pour in the white chocolate milk mixture. Give it a little stir and top it off with cream if you wish. You can add sugar for a sweeter taste or condensed milk for thickness and sweetness.

From a young age my mornings always began with a warming cup of chai tea. Morning does not start without the smell of chai oozing up my nostrils and once drunk, warming me up from head to toe. When people come home this is the first drink offered along with water. It is the life and soul of my family that brings people together. 

All you need is- Chai masala(I recommend the brand Jalpur), hot water, sugar, loose tea leaves and milk.

Chai Masala
Jalpur Chai Masala!


All you need to do Boil the kettle. Add 3 tea spoons of loose tea, one tea spoon of chai masala and 9 heaped tea spoons of sugar in a pan. Pour the boiling water in to the pan and let it brew with the cooker on. Once properly brewed add milk. Allow this to brew again and come to a boil. Turn off the cooker once boiled. Use a strainer and pour in to a cup. Presto, your cup of chai. test out the measurements, more chai masala equals more spice and flavour, more tea equals a stronger tea taste etc.

Matcha TeaMatcha tea you can get in most places, but I like making this one at home. It is a refreshing drink that you can have with or without milk and with or without sweetener. I love the pick me up this tea gives me throughout the day.

All you need- Matcha tea powder, milk, maple syrup.

All you need to do Boil the kettle. Whilst the kettle is boiling put half a tea spoon of matcha tea powder and a teaspoon of maple syrup and mix together. Once the mixture is compleately combined add the water and then milk. I use the amount of milk you’d use in a strong cup of English breakfast tea, but you can adapt the measurements to your liking. You can also use cream instead of milk.

Charcoal latte is just lovely, it’s got a chalk like texture but in a drink. It is good for clearing toxins so a drink for when you have a hangover from alcohol, sugar or are detoxing. I wouldn’t recommend having more than one a day.

What you need- Activated charcoal powder, Maple syrup, hot water and milk.

All you need to do Boil the kettle. Whilst the water is boiling put half a tea spoon of activated charcoal in a mug with a tea spoon of maple syrup and mix well. Once this mixture has been made add the boiled water along with as much or as little milk as you would like. Ta da, your drink is served.

Last on my list is a matcha chai tea. I love this combination! It is a perfect mix of a cup of chai and a matcha tea. 

All you need- Matcha tea powder, chai masala, maple syrup and milk.

All you need to do-Matcha Chai Tea Whilst the kettle is boiling, add one tea spoon of matcha tea powder, half a tea spoon of chai masala and roughly 6 teaspoons if maple syrup in a pan and mix together. Once the ingredients are mixed, turn the cooker on and add the boiling water to the pan. Boil and brew for about 5 minutes before adding the milk. Then boil again. Once the tea is fully boiled pour through a strainer in to a mug and get ready to enjoy! Dried mango is a lovely snack to complement this drink.



  • Play around with the ingredients to get the taste you want
  • The body can’t be warm without a warm heart so make sure you don’t forget the most important ingredient LOVE!

If you get a chance to enjoy these drinks as much as I do.

What’s your favourite drink? I’d love to hear some of your special recipes. 

Love to you all xx

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